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The operations team at DN Signs is comprised of highly experienced permit specialists, project service coordinators and project managers who handle relationships that require installation throughout the United States.

Our Sign team reviews the municipal code library and establishes relationships with city planners to expedite the approval process and ensure sign permits are secured in a timely fashion, providing clients with hassle-free permit acquisition.

Our permitting specialists use a sophisticated information handling system, and follow step-by-step, defined procedures. These protocols are followed when permits for signage are required and can include:

  • Nationwide Code Checks

  • Complete Permit applications

  • Complete Electrical applications

  • Record Notice of Commencement

  • Order Engineering

  • Negotiate Signage with Municipality

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By checking with the city BEFORE we design your signage, we ensure that your permitting process goes more smoothly. Our experienced permit technicians know the ins-and-outs of the many local municipalities that we work with, which means your signage gets permitted and into production FASTER.

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Let's Connect!

Every client has different needs – and a different budget. Our sign designers are experts at helping you create signage that meets your specific advertising, identification, branding, and budget goals. We also understand the importance of making sure your signage complies with city codes and landlord requirements.

Let us help you design the best sign for your business!

Your One Stop Shop For Your Business Signs 

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