Channel Letters

Channel letters are a very professional way to identify your business. Designer Neon produces the top quality channel letters that will give you the maximum style, clarity, and visibility for your business. Our letters are constructed from aluminum, which weathers better than sheet metal; translucent acrylic faces and a custom-formed trim cap retainer. Our channel letters are internally illuminated with your choice of neon or L.E.D.

There are several different types of channel letters. The most popular are front-lit, reverse-lit, front + reverse lit, & skeleton-lit.

Front-lit: Aluminum sides & back with acrylic faces. Projects direct light.

Reverse-lit: Aluminum sides & face, open back. Letters are stud-mounted so that the lighting element reflects off the mounting surface, giving a ‘halo’ effect to the signage.

Skeleton-lit: Aluminum sides & back with open face or clear acrylic face. These letters showcase the neon lighting element within each letter.

There are two primary installation-methods for your channel letter sign: flush mounting & raceway mounting. The methods used for your signage depends upon mounting surface, access, landlord and other criteria. Call us today at (310) 608-6099 so that we can help you determine the type of channel letter and installation method that is best for your project.

We are a fully licensed sign contractor and are able to pull the necessary permits for your installation.